Lingyin Temple & Supermarket Shopping

After some time to rest and relax in our hotel after lunch we headed to the Lingyin Temple. This is a very old and famous Buddhist Temple in Hangzhou, and is a very popular place for both international and local tourists.

There are still Monks who live at the temple who carry on with their traditions and prayer amongst the huge numbers of tourists. There were 3 main halls in the temple and the size of the Buddha’s and carvings is hard to believe. Many visitors also come to the temple to burn incense and pay their respects to Buddha.

Lingyin Temple was an amazing place and we all agreed it would be fantastic to visit when there were less tourists. It would be very peaceful and a great place to think and reflect.

Once we left the temple it was time for dinner on the way back to our hotel. The meal was delicious and we had some dishes tonight that we have not tried before. The crumbed prawns were very popular and several of us enjoyed the jasmine tea.

When we returned to the hotel it was time to visit the nearby supermarket to but food for our bus trip to Changshu. We are being picked up for the 3 hour bus trip at 12.30pm and needed to buy food that we can take to have as lunch on the bus. The supermarket was enormous, with 3 different levels to visit. You can buy turtles, bullfrogs, fish, eels and many other traditional Chinese foods as well as your fruit, vegetables, coke and chocolate!

Students were given some money and in groups of 3 had to find their own food and make their way through the checkout. Everyone had to buy at least 2 pieces of fruit, and most of us found room in our budget for some chips or chocolates.

Nobody bought turtle or bullfrog!

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  1. caroline petterson on 22 Oct 2012 at 6:45 am

    Thank you for keeping us up to date with this fantastic trip. I feel like I’m very much a part of it.

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