Latrobe Valley Airshow- By Dawson McKean

On Wednesday, 20th March  we went to the Latrobe Valley Aerodrome to see an airshow. We saw an Airvan that had travelled around the world. Kelly took us to have a closer look at the Airvan. The reason the Airvan went around the world was to raise money to stop malaria.

We saw planes flying in formation and doing stunts. The pilots came from Australia and New Zealand.

There was a YAK aeroplane on the airstrip and Webby and John Hirt asked if we were allowed to go out onto the airstrip to have a look at it. The YAK aeroplane was owned by a doctor from Tasmania. His name was Stuart and he and Webby Hirt showed us the YAK. It is a Russian built aeroplane and it looked like an old war plane that had been refurbished. Stuart had flown it across the water from Tasmania.

After the Airshow we went to McDonald’s for lunch. I thought it was a great day out and I would like to go on the excursion to the factory that builds the Airvans.

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