Junior Sub-School Update:

We celebrated many individual achievements this morning – well done to all of those who have excelled during the last few weeks!

This also highlights the opportunities our students have at YSC to be involved in wide range of events across different subjects and areas of interest.

Congratulations to Daniel O’Keefe, Hayden Smith, Layton Sketcher, Aimee Moore, Emily Finn and Andrew Neilson for each winning a book during the Author’s Toolkit workshop last week. These students were awarded a book for either providing a great answer or writing an introduction to story and then reading this aloud to the class.

We had eight students receive a range of prizes as a result of their fundraising efforts for the Cross Country – great work Lewis Maher, Mitchell Collins, Blake Collins, Hayleigh McCormick, Leigh Beimans, Emily Rossiter, Taylor Grgeory and Lynda Hudson.

Well done to all students who recently represented YSC well at the Wellington Athletics – nineteen Year 7 and 8 students participated on the day and achieved some fantastic results. Good luck to those going onto the next level this Wednesday.

Our Year 7 Achievement Raffle winner this fortnight was Liam Farley – keep up the great work Liam!

Last but certainly not least, we had eleven Frequent Fliers this fortnight – well done to all of those students who continue to work hard and do the right thing.

  • Cassiel Garward (x 2)
  • Cody Edwards
  • Jordan Hill
  • Nicole Treller
  • Emily Rossiter
  • Blake Collins
  • Billi Chisholm
  • Lewis Maher
  • Jade Palmer
  • Jeanette Van Leerdam
  • Taylor Grgeory
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