Junior School Update – March 12th

Our SRC Representatives were presented with their badges and Jai Turner did a fantatsic job in updating the student body about what the SRC are currently working on.

 Congratulations to this fortnight’s Year 7 Achievement Raffle winner, Tahlia Feldman. Well done Tahlia, and keep up the good work everyone!

 Miss Adomeit’s Harry Potter Competition in English continues to be a success, with Ravenclaw House the winner this week – well done to those students.

 Frequent Fliers this fortnight are:

  • Andrew Neilson
  • Brooke Roberts
  • Andre Ennis
  • Jesse Biemans
  • Steph Turvey

It is great to see so many students doing the right thing at school and going the extra mile to achieve. Students can collect a Frequent Flier for a range of reasons, from being kind and thoughtful or spontaneously helping a staff member or student, to achieving outstanding  academic performance or displaying outstanding leadership.

 A reminder that students will soon be receiving their Interim Reports for the semester and that parent teacher interviews are approaching – this is a good opportunity for all students to reflect on how they are travelling and consider how they can improve or build on their work ethic and behaviour in class. It’s a also a good chance for students to work very hard this week to get any outstanding work into their teachers.

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