Junior School Achievements

We had many achievements to celebrate today!

A special mention to the following students who were awarded with an Effort and Positive Attitude Award following their great behaviour at our recent Athletics carnival.

These students should be very proud of the way they conducted themselves:

  • Michael Johnson
  • Jackson O’Loughlin
  • Bianca Andrews
  • Vicki Sunderland
  • Mackenzie Walker
  • Jeanette Van Leerdam
  • James Saliakos
  • Braydn Wilson

Georgie Oddy was today’s Year 7 Achievement Award raffle winner – well done Georgie.

We had nineteen students hand in their Frequent Fliers – our biggest day yet!

Well done in particular to the following student who have been rewarded with numerous Frequent Fliers:

Jess Mattern (x12), Kodi Pederson (x9), Taylor Gregory (x6), Hayley Hands (x6) and Billi Chisholm (x6).

Our students were also reminded of the seriousness of bullying and were shown a new website and smartphone/iPod Touch App that they can download that can help them if they feel they are being bullied, if they witness bullying or may be behaving in a bullying manner.

It’s called Take A Stand Together – check it out www.takeastandtogether.gov.au

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