Jeanette tops junior school

We’re nearing the end of term which also means that there is a celebratory BBQ up for grabs if we continue to see great behaviour in and out of the classroom.

Well done to our three Critical Thinking raffle winners – Eden McMillan, Tayla Dwyer and Emily Greenaway.

This fortnight’s Year 7 Achievement raffle winner was Nicole Dalrymple – well done Nicole.

Plenty of Frequent Fliers again – a special mention to Jeanette Van Leerdam who amassed 15!

Frequent Fliers:

  • Jeanette Van Leerdam
  • Will McDonald
  • Cody Edwards
  • Vicki Sunderland
  • Tayla Dwyer
  • Andre Ennis
  • Sarah McDonald
  • Skye Le Blanc
  • Laura Millar
  • Hayley Hands
  • Tara Andrews
  • Tom Garland
  • Sam Stone
  • Kyle Wyett
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