Interhouse Cross Country


The interhouse cross country was held yesterday in beautiful conditions and at a new location. This year for the first time in the history of the school interhouse cross country it left from and arrived back at the Yarram Recreation Reserve following the rail trail around the lake and around the perimetre of the recreation reserve.


1st. Livingston, 2nd Gellion, 3rd Whitney. 4th McMillan


13 y/o: Tahlia Feldman and Layton Sketcher

14 y/o: Jessica Mattern and James Saliakos

15 y/o: Chelsea Smith and Tom Jeffs

16 y/o: Tavia Field and Dylan Hooper

17 y/o: Ashlee Elliott and Louis Rodaughan

Open: Jacinta Kuhnell and Bobby Brewer-Bell

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