Interhouse Cross Country

We had mild conditions for the running of the cross country on Monday, 26th May. Students walked to the Recreation Reserve where they then headed off on their 3km run, though a large number chose to walk the course. Again it was great to see large numbers of students participate, all of who received a zooper dooper at the end.


  •    Gellion 331
  •    Livingston 238
  •   Whitney   170
  •    McMillan  147

Age Group Champions:

  •  13yrs: Emma Millar and Ben Mattern
  •  14yrs: Teyarnie Hanning & Layton Sketcher
  • 15yrs: Rhianna Woolford & Liam Farley
  • 16yrs: Chelsea Smith & Jake Liversidge
  • 17yrs: Tavia Field & Rowan Missen
  • Open: Ashlee Elliott & Shaughn Mayne
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