PLEASE NOTE- THIS HAS BEEN POSTPONED TO A LATER DATE- The Interhouse athletics carnival is being held next Wednesday, August 5th at the school, one of our 3 major sporting events on the school calendar. Interhouse swimming was held in February, just before COVID and the Interhouse cross country took the form of a virtual event with students logging their 3km walk/run to gain valuable house points. starting tomorrow, Wednesday July 29th, students will be able to partake in the 800 and 1500mt and high jumps events. These will be done in year levels up to next week. Eagles will be looking to go for back to back in the athletics shield, and hopefully see them marching towards the end of year champions cup. this is a compulsory school day, and students and staff are encouraged to dress in house colors to gain extra points. ps; the BBQ WILL NOT be running but the canteen will be open as usual

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