Inspirational Day

On Wednesday 18th we drove to Sale to listen to speakers from Gippsland. We sat in a group, on a table with the mayor of Wellington and Rod from Korrumburra. The first activity was building a tower from straws and sticky tape. We had to work as a team. Our tower was tall but fell down. Darren, the mayor, thought we would make good bridge builders. He had just got 20 million dollars for water.

Next we had lunch and listened to Andrew Bedgegood. He told us about his life and how he had done mustering, diving, bricklaying and lots of exciting things. He had done this even though he had been in a car accident and had one leg cut off and the other put in a brace. He showed us the medal he won and the Olympic Torch he had carried. He won the medal for courage.

The day finished with a quiz. Patrick from Wellington Shire helped us. The quiz was fun. I did the most of the writing. The only question we got wrong was Jane Bun for the weather job. We were supposed to put meteorologist.

We had a great day and enjoyed meeting students from Maffra Secondary College and Sale SDS. Dressing up was great.

Isea Teo

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