Un TAPping Potential

In 2019, all Year 7-9 students at Yarram Secondary College will be involved in an innovative Targeted Acceleration Program (TAP). The focus of this program will be on raising core literacy outcomes for all students in reading, comprehension, oral language and spelling.

TAP is designed to support the individual point-of-need of each child. Students will be placed in small, targeted working groups based on results from their Progressive Assessment Test (PAT) and other TAP pre-testing.

Each student in the program will have four TAP lessons each week. The lessons are highly structured and based on the work of renowned educational psychologist Dr Carol Christensen. The program requires each student to achieve mastery of decoding, before moving onto comprehension and mental models.

By committing to a program, which will enable every Yarram Secondary College student to read and write well, we are committing to better life outcomes for our students.

The program will be overseen by Lyn Kerrison, TAP Manager, Lyn Jeffs TAP Coordinator, and Michelle Tschugguel, TAP Leader. The coordinators office is in the Room 2 office.

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