Huānyíng huí jiā (Welcome Back)

After 16 days, our six students and two staff members returned from their China study tour a couple of weeks ago. They were fortunate enough to explore some of the great cities of the world in Beijing, Shanghai and Xian – all steeped in incredible history and culture. Beijing saw us exploring some of the world’s largest and grandest temples and palaces, experience the enormity of Tiananmen Square and have the opportunity to travel out to and walk along the Great Wall of China – WOWEE! Words cannot describe how incredible this wonder of the world truly is. They travelled via bullet train between cities and spent 3 nights in Xian, a city with over 3,000 years of recorded history. Riding bikes along the city wall and wandering around the Terracotta Warriors. They had the chance to stay in ‘smaller’ cities such as Suzhou and Nanjing (population of 8 million people each nonetheless) and experience first-hand the pride which the locals have for their own areas. They spent 3 nights with our sister school in Changzou, where the students experienced classes and a home stay, and Lyn and Brett had the chance to dig a little deeper in regards to their education system. Our trip ended with 4 nights in Shanghai, a truly global city and the place with the most western influence. Fair to say by the time they boarded the plane back to Oz we were exhausted.

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