Howard and Schuback Shoot

On Monday 17th June, twenty two students left school at 9.00 o’clock for the Interschool Target shoot.  It was very wet but we managed to adapt. We thought the weather was to our advantage so we unpacked our bags and grabbed our shooting gear and went to the clubhouse.  John Hirt gave us a safety talk and then we grabbed our firearms and round one began. Yarram Secondary College students were divided into 4 squads of 5, Jacob mines and John Gregson shot in a squad with Lavella students. Two squads were new to the shooting sports but the scores were excellent. Here are the scores, Blake Collins 12/20, Mitchell Collins 10/20, Jack Gay 3/20, Brayden Askew 11/20, Mason Bragg 11/20, Michael Johnson 7/20, Pete Johnson 10/20, Tom Johnson 13/20, William Rendell 9/20, Kieron Camburn 10/20, John Gregson 6/20, Jacob Mines 11/20. Other students shot the following scores. Jack Mitchell 18/20, Ryan Collins 13/20, Jaz Gregson 13/20, Lachy Batters 13/20, Sam Moore 12/20, Howard Woolcock 13/20, Dylan Nicholls 15/20, Shannon Ray 12/20, Adam Moore 14/20, Megane Greenaway 10/20.  

Targets were quite difficult in the conditions of the rain. Jack Mitchell was lucky to get in a shoot off with other students from Gippsland Grammar Lavella and Mallacoota Secondary College. The students watching the shoot off were in a very suspenseful spot during the competition. Jack would have felt a little nervous during his shot because 180 people were watching him and if he made a mistake he would feel embarrassed of his mistake. Overall the day was outstanding and full of excitement and we all had lots of fun.

–Blake Collins

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