Homestay Reflection – Suzy Mumford

My experience with the homestay and schooling is really good. I have learnt a lot by observation and that is pretty good considering I can’t understand much.

This has been a really good experience so far. The art class was by far my favourite  the teacher spoke English also, so I actually learnt some things in that class! 🙂 The homestay is also going very well, my host family is lovely. My host sister plays guitar to, which is awesome. She also plays this really cool Chinese instrument as well. She is really good, well I thought, but her mother said it was bad because she hadn’t played for nearly two years! All I could think was wow.

I recorded her playing and she did the same with me when I played and sung. I have tried a lot of different foods but none of them were really that out there. The weirdest things were the seaweed biscuits  pork egg roll biscuits and Crab. I didn’t mind the crab 🙂

I have gone shopping with my host family, played badminton and ate PIZZA! I was so excited, there was nothing different about it. So all in all I have loved this experience so far.

Suzy :):)

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