Headstart – a positive start!

Yesterday we kicked of our head start program with all of our students beginning their 2013 classes. This was made even better with all the local grade six students coming up to start as year sevens for their first day.

We started the day with sub-school assemblies and there was a real buzz in the air as students eagerly prepared for their first lesson of the day.

During the assemblies, students were addressed by their sub school leaders and the expectations of moving into a higher year level were expressed. For many of our students this is the start of their VCE and, with the school continuing to raise the bar on academic excellence, the expectations and requirements to successfully pass were outlined.

I talked to many of the students during the lunch break and they were all commenting on how good it is to be in the next year level and how busy their classes were. Most were pleased with their new classmates and the teachers they have for next year, which was great to hear.

My own son started year ten and he came home with Year Ten Maths and Year Eleven Accounting homework. He commented that “it was a great day, but he had a lot to do!”.

I also spoke too many of the new year seven students and they were all so excited to be called “Year Sevens”. They were also excited about their new classes and meeting all their new teachers.

It was a very positive day all round and I look forward to continuing my conversations with all of the students over the two weeks to hear how they think we can continue to improve our fantastic Secondary College.

Russell Mitchell                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Assistant Principal

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