Happiness Cycle

On Thursday the 10th of September Ebony, Luke, Isea and myself were chosen by the school to go to the State Basketball Centre in Melbourne, to attend the Happiness Cycle, where we learnt about bike safety and how to assemble a bike. When we arrived, all students had to assemble in one of the basketball courts.

There we played really different games,  that I’ve never heard of, but they were fun. Then we lined up to get our helmets; our lock and lights. We then went to a bigger two sided basketball court. There we had to get our bike then push them to a cardboard mat to put it together. We put on our seats, pedals and we had to pump up our tyres then we had to put them away.

We had some lunch and after that we had a whole course set up around the car park. It was really fun and I thanked all those involved who allowed me to be a part of that great experience and especially a big thanks to Michael and Mr Smith.  We all had a great day

-Abby Cocks

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