Our first stop in Hangzhou was in beautiful countryside amongst tea plantations. This area is green with tea plants and trees as far as the eye can see. We had some lunch and drove to a nearby plantation called Dragon Well Green Tea.

Our guide Sam taught us about the process for making tea, and we took part in a welcome tea ceremony. During this ceremony we learnt about the positive benefits of drinking green tea and steaming your eyes with the tea before you drink. The tea was very nice and many of us bought some to bring back home .

As we drove into the city of Hangzhou we learnt that it is an extremely popular place because of the beautiful scenery and the West Lake. many Chinese people come here on weekends and during holidays to stay and relax.

We stopped at a shopping and market area called Hefang Street and spent some time looking for bargains and then it was off to a very nice restaraunt for our dinner. Next stop was to check in to our Hotel. Some of us then ventured out for a walk around the local area while others remained in their rooms to relax after the last 2 very busy days.

The Chinese people have been very friendly and many of the students have been stopped and asked to pose for photos with the local people. We have also met some other tourist groups who have been visiting the same places as us.

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