Great start to 2014

Students had a great start to 2014, when they attended school for the first time today. The day started with sub school and general assembly before heading to their timetabled classes Students who attended school 100% for 2013 were presented to the school and presented with certificates. Congratulations to Wyatt Kilgower, Patrick Petterson, Rachel Sellings and Jackson O’Loughlin for this wonderful effort. Some dates to keep in mind for the coming few weeks are:

7th February- Year 7 students are off to Allembee for their annual camp

21st February- Interhouse school swimming sports. All students are expected to attend whether they swim or not. It is a great day for students to show their true colors, dress up in house colors and spend a great day together as a school.

25th February- School photos All students must be in full school uniform including plain black shoes.



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