Goodbye to Shanghai

This morning we left Shanghai for the city of Suzhou. The trip took us close to 2 hours as there is a lot of traffic due to the holiday. As Suzhou is such a lovely city to visit there are huge crowds of people here too! Once we arrives in Suzhou our guide, Jack, took us straight to a restaurant for lunch. We had a delicious meal that included a very famous local dish called sweet and sour fish. It was delicious. After tasting the fish head at last nights dinner Eden today tackled the fish tail!

We visited the 800 year old Lingering Garden after our lunch and saw some amazing bonsai and rock sculpture. The garden was huge with many ponds full of fish and large areas of grass, bamboo and trees. It would be an ideal place to relax if we were not sharing it with some many other people. Our next stop was to visit the oldest part of Suzhou situated beside a large canal. There were many old buildings that haave been converted into shops and food stalls for people to visit. Many of the group tried some of the local snacks as we walked along with crowds of Chinese people enjoying their holiday.

We checked into our hotel at about 6pm and we all had some time to settle into our rooms before going out to dinner. We walked around to another old part of Suzhou along the canals that has been renovated as a tourist area. We split into small groups to find a restaurant for dinner and most people found some time to check out the many shops along the canal. On the way back from dinner we stopped in a park to try our hand at dancing with the local people before making our way back to the hotel.

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