Gippsland Rural Schools Virtual Learning Network

To assist us in delivering a wide range of VCE Subjects for our students we are very excited to have joined the Gippsland Rural Schools Virtual Learning Network:

The Gippsland Rural Schools Virtual Learning Network (GRSVLN) is a group of rural schools (Maffra SC, Neerim District SC, South Gippsland SC and Yarram SC) working together to ensure the provision of a broad range of VCE subject offerings in hard to staff and specialist subjects. It also creates opportunities for gifted and talented students to access challenging and engaging online collaborative projects at all year levels. It creates a community of learners for students from similar contexts that enables rural students to remain connected to their community and ‘home’ school.

The GRSVLN aims to expand the use of modern educational technology to deliver 7-10 and VCE courses and projects to 21st Century Learners. It equips students with the skills to meet the needs of emerging markets, providing them with the requisite skills to compete in a globalised world.

The goal of the GRSVLN Blended Learning approach is to join the best aspects of both face-to-face (synchronous) and online (asynchronus) instruction. The classroom time is used to engage students in advanced interactive experiences. The online provision of the course provides students with multi-media rich content at any time of the day. Students are also supported in their ‘home’ school to ensure success.


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  1. Karen Skews on 13 Oct 2012 at 1:33 pm

    Extremely pleased to hear of this new program and look forward to hearing more

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