Field and Game awards for Yarram Secondary College

The Vice President from Sale Field and Game, John Hirt, today presented two awards at the Year 9 and 10 sub school assembly . The Sale Field and Game Nest-box Award was given to Eden Middleton Beggs. Mr Hirt explained that Field and Game have done a lot of environmental work buying wetlands, planting trees, building nest boxes and getting rid of foxes and rabbits. Field and Game presented the award to Eden because he was so positive at every session and put so much effort into it.

As a surprise Toni Jenkins also received an award for the catering done for a visit to Sale Field and Game from Flinders Island Field and Game CLub. Toni is in charge of the 9A catering business and we were employed to cater for this visit. The money earned from this meant 9A could go on an excursion free of cost to the Game Masters exhibition in Melbourne. It seems our work was really appreciated.

Alex Bowden

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