A Feast fit for a King

What better way to celebrate the completion of the study of the Medieval period in history than with a Medieval feast?

At the end of Term 2 Year 8 students cooked up a sensational feast and decorated the Hot House to resemble the great hall of a castle. We all sat down to a delicious meal that was prepared by a dedicated group of students from 8B. We were entertained with displays and a medieval medicine wheel of fortune. If you were unlucky enough to be unwell in this era, the supposed cure was probably more likely to kill you than anything else, got a headache? Just let me cut open a vein and let some blood out ! No thanks! How about a necklace of dead worms to cure a headache?  Thankfully the food was delicious, the learning was fun and the dessert, apple pie with ice cream ( did they have ice cream in the middle ages?) and custard was delicious. Thanks to all for your input and enthusiasm.



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