Technology Materials (Wood & Metal)

Unit Description

In this subject students learn the importance of safety in the workplace and learn to identify hazards and use safe practices.

The students are expected to keep all of their written work in a portfolio that will be assessed at the end of the semester.  A journal entry for each lesson will also be completed at the end of each day.

The students learn how to read a design brief, outlining the constraints and considerations to take into account when investigating and designing possible options to be produced. After researching the students create a work plan which will include a series of 2 dimensional and 3 dimensional working drawings with full measurements.

The students then do a series of skill building exercises, before producing a product to suit the design brief.

Students are expected to complete a realistic time plan (short term and long term goals) for completing a product within the given time frame. Students are also expected to review how effectively they manage their available time, and suggest strategies that would improve their success in meeting the requirements of the design brief within the specified time frame.

The students then critically analyse and evaluate their product using evaluation criteria and an assessment rubric.


Students will be assessed each lesson on their compliance to the class safety rules.  The major assessment tasks for the semester are the students portfolio including all research and design drawings.  The product that is produced and all student evaluation sheets.