Music Program

Our music program is highly successful.  It has grown significantly over the last 7 years and this year celebrates 22 years.  It provides opportunities for students to participate at various levels.  All students have the opportunity to study music at Year 7 and 8 in the classroom program, and as electives in Years 9-12.  The school also offers private tuition and instrument hire for almost half the student body at present.  Students rehearse and perform in the following groups:

  • College Choir
  • Vocal Ensemble
  • Concert Band
  • Stage Band
  • Rock Band
  • Brass ensemble
  • Soul Band
  • Percussion ensemble

We also have a Primary Instrumental Program that allows students from our local primary schools to attend music tuition classes at the Secondary College and their own schools.  These students also perform at YSC events.

We have a number of public performance opportunities throughout the year. Some of the major events in the calendar include the Annual Concert and Exhibition, Tarra Festival Easter Parade, the Yarram Eisteddfod, a variety of regional performance opportunities and the Annual Film Festival.

Students are also lucky to have visiting guest artists throughout the year. In 2010 we had a special visit from Wilbur Wilde (former Skyhooks) who along with teacher John Rees (Men at Work) held music sessions with the students then performed in the annual concert alongside our band.

Each year we have a College production.  In 2018 the school was “Soul Sisters” written by the students. Students from Years  7-12 worked together in the production in all areas of performance including singing, dancing, choreography, music and production including lighting, sound, props etc.