Fabulous Superheroes

“Slapdash City is under attack from the forces of darkness led by the evil Dr Sparkz.  Can Captain Fabulous save the day or will ordinary people like laundry shop operator Tony Starch and his Legion of the Round Table need to step up and save the City? Ordinary Superheroes is Yarram Secondary College  supercharged musical comedy about ordinary people doing extraordinary things and the benefits of a good cup of coffee.

What a wonderful production. congratulations to all our staff and students who are involved in “Ordinary Superheroes”. Tonight is the last chance to see our students shine as actors, singers, dancers, musicans and tech crew.. The play, written by the students with help from staff and Darren McCubbin. Tonight is the last night to see the production. tickets Adults $12, Seniors concession and Secondary Students $6 Primary Students $6. Regent Theatre. Doors open 7pm for 7.30pm start




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