Exploring Shanghai

Today was a very busy day for the students on our 2014 Overseas Learning Experience. Our first stop was to visit the Pearl Tower which is 468 metres tall. There is a fantastic view of Shanghai from the tower, with high rise buildings as far as the eye can see in every direction. Everyone was amazed at the size of this city! The highlight was definitely the  glass floor that goes right around the tower. Lying down on this and looking down at the ground makes you feel like you are suspended in mid air!

At the base of the Pearl Tower is the Shanghai History Museum. This shows the changes in the city over the years and has some fantastic models and displays of buildings, transport and life in Shanghai. Walking through some sections made you feel like you were walking the streets of early Shanghai.

After a delicious lunch we visited the Yuyuan Garden which is right in the heart of the city, and surrounded by a busy market and shopping area. We had a little time to explore the shops with a few people practicing their bartering skills and picking up some bargains. The garden is 400 years old and was originally built during the Ming Dynasty. The Yuyuan Graden is known as the garden of contentment.

We had dinner in the Seagull Restaurant which is situated beside the Huangpu River. The restaurant has been built in the shape of a seagull in flight. After dinner most of the group chose to go to the ERA Intersection of Time performance at Shanghai Circus World. The show is an amazing display of acrobatics, traditional martial arts and amazing special effects. The performances were all fantastic and amazing to watch.

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