ESSO grant helps science students observe

Thanks to a generous grant of $5000 from ESSO, students at Yarram Secondary College can undertake some new kinds of observation and analysis in their science classes.

The funds have enabled us to purchase ….

  • A Thermal Imaging Camera.  This lets us see how hot or cold things are.  Changes in temperature happen in all kinds of experiments and natural process.  Now we can visually appreciate what is happening.  Look at the images.  Can you recognise the face with the “blue” nose?  The physics class are observing the heating of water by electricity.  The warm footprints  were visible on the carpet for quite a while.  Can you see that Bert the lizard is cold-blooded?
  • Three CASIO cameras, which enable us to film events at high speed (very slow motion).  We can slow down the beating of a butterflies wings, objects falling and breaking, athletes jumping, etc.  The cameras also have a time lapse function which means we can speed up the motion of clouds, construction, people moving, snails crawling etc.
  • Five telescopes, mainly to be used for astronomy.  These are available for students to borrow for an extended period of time.  They come in large cartons, so they would have to be picked up in a car.  See Mr.Dierickx if interested.
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