Eagles claim their first win

Interhouse Athletics

The Eagles had their first ever carnival win last week at the interhouse athletics carnival. Competition was fierce by everyone in the 3 houses with Eagles coming up trumps. Houses received points for participation as well as placings. Well done to all who participated on the day, and also those who didn’t participate, but showed up to cheer their team mates on. Results 1st Eagles 1813, 2nd Sharks 1767, 3rd Falcons 1661

Age Grp Champions

13yrs Jayde Hand and Ethan Mayne                                                                                                                       14yrs Lily Laurence and Lincon Sketcher    15yrs Mylie Taylor and Declan Boyd  16yrs Hazel Kerrison-Male and Trent Askew 17yrs Breanne Uber and Will Southwell  Open Madison Roberts and Tanner Chisholm


Malique Johnston– High jump  1.67m (Royce Vardy 1.65m in 1994)  Trent Askew  800m 2:12:09 (Darren Brand 2:17:50 in 1981) & 1500m 4:27:44 (Rick Schneider 4:48:30 in 1989)   Jayde Hand Javelin 21.85m, (Britt Jenkins 19.45m in 2000)  Luke Hunter 1500m  5:19:67 (Aaron Thomas 5:21:00 in 1999)

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