Dry Ice on Show

Yarram SC was lucky to receive a supply of Dry Ice (Solid Carbon Dioxide) which was used in a number of demonstrations for science classes on Wednesday and Thursday.  The eerie fog of a Halloween movie / night was produced by just adding the dry ice to hot water, this waterfall of fog showed the dry ice changing from solid to gas without ever being a liquid. Dry ice was also used to demonstrate a very slow way of inflating a balloon without actually blowing it up. Students were able to sample apple cider when a pellet of dry ice was placed in a cup of plain apple juice. There was some interesting colour changes to be seem as the solid carbon dioxide converted a basic liquid into an acid. But the most fun was the use of bubble mixture / detergent to make carbon dioxide bubbles that were very cold and could be handled without bursting.

Our special thanks go to Sharon Mattern for supplying YSC with the dry ice.


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