Donating to a Worthy Cause

The Year 11 VCAL class are getting involved in “Operation Christmas Child” run by Samaritan’s Purse. The project involves receiving donations of new items that can fit into a shoebox so that they can be sent to children in underdeveloped countries.

Each shoe box will be filled with an item from the following categories:
• Something to wear (e.g. T-shirt, shorts, skirts, beanies, sandals)
• Something to love (e.g. teddy bear, doll, soft toy)
• Something special (carry bag, sunglasses, bracelet, stickers, personal note, photo of yourself)
• Something for school (small exercise book, pencil case, pens, pencils)
• Something to play with (tennis ball, cars, skipping rope, marbles, yo-yo, slinky)
• Something for personal hygiene (soap and face washer, toothbrush, hairbrush, comb, hair bands/clips)
How can you get involved?
There are many ways you and your family can get involved. You can do as little or as much as you like (every little bit helps)
By donating new items from the categories above.
Donating $9 to cover postage and handling for a shoebox to be sent.
Spreading the word to the community.
Visit the website:

For more information please speak to Mr. Smith or any Year 11 VCAL student.

Further information will be given early next term.


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