Day 4

For their final day at Yarram Secondary College our Chinese visitors partook in kicking, marking and hand balling a footy then it was off to the Food Tech room to cook up a Australian Road Kill Feast to serve for lunch. The amazing menu put together by Ms.Demaria included  wattleseed damper, salt and pepper crocodile, spicy roasted emu with a balsamic jus sauce, bush tomato balsamic, ginger and lemon myrtle wallaby stir-fry and a desert lime (and native finger lime) coconut tart.

The students helped prepare the food from the cutting, cooking and serving.

Mr Sun was guest at a morning tea and was thanked for bringing the students. He responded by thanking Yarram Secondary College staff and students for their hospitality. He was then presented with gifts for his wife and daughter.



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  1. Wei Cunzhong on 29 Jul 2014 at 5:18 pm

    I‘m the Chinese visitor Wei Yimin(Jenny)’s father.
    Thank you very much,Welcome to China,Welcome to Changshu.
    Best whishes

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