Day 3 of the Year 7 Camp – by Emma Millar & Sarah

Probably the funniest part of the day was the Low Ropes Course.

It was nearly impossible for some parts. We had to be like ninjas while spotting on the low ropes course to make people feel safe.

Jealously was spread through the camp when we saw people relaxing in the nice cold pool! They were actually swimming because their hand made rafts didn’t float quite as well as expected. The raft we built began to sink half way through the challenge and at the end fell apart completely.

There was a vertical challenge and my nerves got to me on the rock wall because everything started shaking. The food was delicious and tonight we had lasagne for main course and for dessert a beautiful Chocolate Mousse. Today I learnt that I can climb high obstacles if I trust myself and my team. The hut building would’ve been better if it wasn’t so hot, but I still enjoyed when we got sprayed with water. Our hut was not waterproof, lucky there was no cyclone blowing. Just one day of fun to go.

 Emma Millar and Sara

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