Cybersmart presentations:

What a great start to the term! We received a visit from Greg Gebhart from the Australian Communications and Media Authority’s (ACMA) Cybersmart program and Greg delivered a staff professional development session on Monday which was very beneficial for all staff. The focus on this session was keeping up to date with the latest technology that young people are using, the positive and negative impacts of technology use on education and implementing cyber smart messages into the curriculum.

Greg then spoke with our junior school students on Tuesday – he had their full attention for the seventy minutes as he spoke to them about staying safe and being responsible online. Students were taught how to keep their online accounts and details safe from hackers and undesirable people; how to comply with online etiquette and responsibilities; and were asked to reflect on how much technology they are using and the impact that this has on their daily lives.

Parents – if your child attended this session, please make sure you ask them all about it! They had plenty of questions for Greg and many stayed back after class to ask him questions and have him help change their settings.

A parent information session was also held Tuesday evening – a huge thank you to all of the parents and staff who took the time to attend this. The feedback from this was similar to the previous staff and student sessions – the presentation was highly informative and very practical. Topics covered included the ins and outs of popular Apps and programs; how to implement boundaries and family agreements in the home in terms of technology use (eg. no phones in bedrooms; bedroom doors open when chatting via camera; etc) as well as issues that arise at times, including sexting and cyber bullying.

We encourage every parent to talk to their child about the way they use technology  – we have expectations, rules and responsibilities for many things within the family home and technology shouldn’t be an exception.

If you’d like more information about any of this, please don’t hesitate to contact the school about this – Mel Mitchell (Student Wellbeing Coordinator) and/or Lyn Kerrison (Assistant Principal).

Below are some links that you may be interested in. If you missed the parent information session you may like to check out the first link.

Please keep an eye out on the parent section of the school’s website also – we will attempt to have more information posted in that section as soon as possible. (Parent guide) (Instagram – currently the most popular App with teenagers) (Facebook) (Snapchat) (Kik) (Minecraft)

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