Being Cyber Smart

Parents: With your child’s access to the internet and/or use of a smartphone, they are likely to come across and talk about apps and sites such as Instagram, Facebook, kik,, etc.

Some of these sites can be harmless and great to use in the right manner, others can be hurtful or dangerous.

If they do use these and you need some idea as to what the apps and sites are all about, jump onto and learn about what children are doing online, as well as some strategies to help them be cybersmart as they grow up. This site also includes tips for young kids (up to age 7) kids (up to 12 years) and teens (up to 18 years).

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  1. Bernadette hall on 3 Dec 2013 at 9:33 am

    I actually think that all these kids are allowed on facebook and they are still too young My youngest who is 12 has not been given permission to access facebook. Perhaps they should all be 16 before they start using it? Maybe even 18 when they know what they doing

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