Crystal Growing

The RACI VIC Crystal Growing Competition 2014 will run at lunch times on Tuesday and Wednesday in the months of May and June. The competition is open to any yr 7 and 8 student to enter individually or in a team of up to 3 students.

Part 1 of the competition was held in May, the students were shown how to grow a Copper Sulfate crystal and were encouraged to make the largest, most perfect crystal.  The competition was judged at school on Friday 30th May by both teachers and students.  All crystals are on display near the Library.

Part 2 is a state wide competition, it will be open till 24th June and all crystals will be sent in for state judging.

The crystals this time are Alum (Potassium Aluminum Sulfate) much harder to grow smaller and clear i.e. more like diamonds. The students will again be growing their crystals at Lunch times on Tuesday and Wednesday till they have the desired


Best Crystal Form

1st.        Alex Vincent and Damon Vicino

2nd.       Emma Millar

3rd.        Owen Carrison

Most Artistic

1.            Bradley Farley

2nd        Sofia Leat

3rd         Sara Trotman

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