The Interhouse Cross Country has been run and won, for the second year in a row by the Sharks. Results were alot tighter this year with participation being the final factor in the results. Conditions were perfect for the 3 and 5km runs. The top 8 in each age group now go on to the Wellington event.

Sharks- 243, Eagles 239, Falcons 231

Open Girls- 1st Chelsea Smith 2nd Samantha Holt 3rd Stacey Coulthard

Open Boys- 1st Mitchell Schelling 2nd Lucas Berryman 3rd Shannon Ray

17 Girls 1st Caitlen Buys 2nd Tegan Patterson 3rd Jessica Mattern

17 Boys- 1st Liam Farley 2nd James Saliakos 3rd Jordan Riley

16 Girls- 1st Teyarnie Hanning 2nd Hayley Gash 3rd Aimee Moore

16 Boys- 1st Layton Sketcher 2nd Jake McFarland 3rd Alex Jeffs

15 Girls- 1st Maddison Parry 2nd Mackenzie Walker 3rd Emma Millar

15 Boys 1st Ben Mattern  2nd Elijah Emery 3rd Jordyn Coulthard

14 Girls- 1st Chloe Finn 2nd Kirra Walker 3rd Brooke Smith

14 Boys- 1st William Southwell 2nd Kahil Sturgess 3rd Wade Theodore

13 Girls – 1st Taylah Buckley 2nd Kara Askew 3rd Grace Furlong

13 Boys- 1st Trent Askew 2nd Joel Akers 3rd Ronan Doyle

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