Cows Create Careers

Did you know that you would have to eat 8 cups of spinach to ingest the same amount of calcium that you would find in a glass of milk? You didn’t? Neither did I … but it was this fact plus more that students in Year 9 Food and Technology learned last week, when they travelled to Leongatha for the: Cows Create Careers Student Presentation Day.

Throughout the day, students from schools across Gippsland were set against each other in fun, yet educational activities and competitions. Mason, Rhianna, Rylee and Cassiel had to demonstrate speed and mind strength in the Ping-Pong Quiz. During a separate activity ‘Chef Laura’ and ‘Chef Sarah’ were busy producing the ‘Salad Wrap’ to serve at ‘The Hungry Pelican’, Taylor and Jessica’s Restaurant. They made a chef’s hat that was acknowledged as the most creative. Although the students had fun completing the activities, the reason they were gathered, was for students to receive their scored assessment for the project, which they had worked, on in class, for a month. It involved a Design Brief, Two-page Recipe and Newsletter.

Even though Yarram Secondary Students did not take out the top prize, Jayde Batters was acknowledged as an outstanding entry, her mark a mere 1.5 points less than the winning team. She received a score of 90 out of 100!

Miss Demaria would like to applaud the students who represented the school on the day, their behaviour was impeccable. Also congratulations to Jayde for the excellent score, your hard work paid off!

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