Community visit to RAAF Base

On Wednesday the 28/10/15, 20 of the year nine community program students visited the RAAF in Sale. It was a fantastic day out for the students, on the day we visited the control tower simulator this is a room with 360 degree projection as if being in an air traffic control tower. Then we went off to the Bureau Of Meteorology were we were shown how the weather is read, a quick walk outside and we were standing on the PC9 (Roulette) aircrafts. Students met the operators of the CHC-search and rescue helicopter discussing how it all worked as they were sitting in the cockpit admiring all the gauges. To finish off the tour we visited the Transfield Fire section where the officers showed the students inside the trucks and gave us a demo on how the trucks operate. It was a fantastic day and all students and Mr Dows would like to thank the staff at the base for giving up their time and showing us around.


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