Chloe’s Law

Parents: You may have watched 60 Minutes last night and saw the story about ‘Chloe’s Law’?

If you didn’t see it, we recommend that you log on and watch it at – Chloe’s Law.

There are all some handy links to others pages that may be helpful for you as a parent, including

As we all know, Australian teenagers’ use of social media is growing rapidly and with this, unfortunately, we have also seen the issue of cyber-bullying emerge.

We strongly urge all parents to consider the following:

  • Know what your child is doing online – it is okay to ask them to show you and to know who they’re talking to – you’re the parent!
  • Don’t be afraid to put rules in place regarding their use of phones and when they go online – it is more than acceptable to not allow your child to have their phone after a certain time at night (e.g. 9pm) or to restrict their online use each day to ensure they get outside for some fresh air, do some exercise, do their homework and interact with the rest of the family!
  • Be a good role model – instil in your child the importance of treating others the way that they would like to be treated; to think carefully before they speak (and type) and to leave and speak up about any conversation online that would be identified as bullying.
  • Watch out for any signs that your child may not be ok – if they’ve been online and are all of a sudden very teary, grumpy or angry, then there’s a fair chance that something’s happened. Start a conversation with them.

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