Today we all had a sleep in and met for breakfast at 9am. We held a meeting after breakfast in our school groups to do our final preparation for the home-stay.

We were picked up at midday by Lily who is the Principal of Changshu Foreign Language Middle School, and 2 teachers from the Kucheng Middle School. Kucheng is the school that the Neerim student will be attending.

After a 3 hour bus ride we dropped the Neerim students at their school and then arrived at Changshu Foreign Language Middle School. We had a short welcome and students were able to meet their host brother s and sisters before heading home for their first night with a Chinese family.

Students from both schools were very nervous but excited to meet each other face to face. The Chinese families were very pleased to be having an Australian visitor in their home and we know they will take very good care of their guests.

Students will arrive at school tomorrow just before 7am to ensure they are ready for the first class of the day. The YSC students and teachers will have a meeting first thing to give students a chance to catch up and discuss their first night of home-stay.

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