Cambodia Days 2 & 3

Day 2- Today we woke up to a delicious breakfast of Cambodian-style omelettes and baguettes. After breakfast we were given a bit of an orientation before choosing an activity that we would like to do on our first full day in Cambodia. We decided as a group to travel by ‘tuk tuk’ out of Siem Reap, so that we could head to the river, where we caught a boat out to visit Kompong Fluk – a ‘floating’ village that sits on stilts high above the water. These structures are built this way due to the area being affected by seasonal flooding. After traveling by boat through the village, we were lucky enough to take a canoe ride through the very serene ‘floating forest’. After a busy morning, we headed back to Siem Reap where we were treated to traditional Khmer food.While we were visiting Kompong Fluk the remaining members of our team had flown in from overseas……we are now a group of 25 people! As a group we all went on an hour and a half long walking tour of Siem Reap, where we viewed many things, some of which included an art installation relating to life on the Mekong, the Kings Residence and a Temple where we were blessed by Monks.                                                                                       Dinner again was delicious. After dinner we set out to look for some bargains at the night market before heading back to our hotel for a good night’s sleep.  Tomorrow we head out to the village where we will be working for the first time.  Everyone is excited about having such an amazing opportunity to make a positive impact on a local community.

Day 3- Once again we all ate a very nutritious breakfast before heading out, via our favourite mode of transportation – tuk tuk, to the local village where we are based for the week. Upon arrival we were given an orientation about the school, village and local community. This was followed by a tasty, filling lunch, cooked by the locals. After lunch and a few getting to know each other games, we were divided into groups and began to work on our first ‘project’.  The project we were allocated involved clearing a dilapidated home from a site, so that we could lay the foundations for a new one. Every one pitched in with a range of activities including moving wood, removing nails from the wood, cutting bamboo and preparing bamboo for creating the walls. We worked for two hours on the site before being treated to some time with the children.   When we joined the children for their afternoon activities, we were able to participate in their sport, art and dance programs. At the conclusion of school, we went home for a well deserved shower.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Our evening activities on Day 3 included attending a carnival, where everyone had fun on the rides and some more shopping at yet another local market. Everyone agreed that today, although very hot, was a productive and worthwhile day. The majority of the house was demolished, as per brief, and we were able to actually see what we had achieved. As I prepare for bed I wonder what we will achieve tomorrow…


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