Cambodia Day 9

The excitement in the air was electric when we all boarded the bus that was headed for the Cambodian Elephant Sanctuary. The ride there was very bumpy and it took a couple of hours, but soon enough, we arrived!

We spent the remainder of the day receiving an orientation of the sanctuary and we were lucky enough to prepare the sugar cane and banana plants, to be fed to the elephants.

This sanctuary where we are located is relatively new and has been operational for a few years. At present the sanctuary is working at reforestation of the habitat, which has been destroyed in recent years, due to illegal logging. Currently the 25,000 acres of the sanctuary is home to a range of rescued animals including monkeys, geese, dogs and two elephants named Arun Rai and Kham Lin. Both of the elephants have been rescued from the illegal logging trade. Kham Lin is blind in one eye, presumably from mistreatment from her previous owner but both are very gentle in their new environment. Everyone was excited to feed, pat and cuddle the gentle giants. That evening we were lucky enough to be able to see Kham Lin walking on the fringes of the forest/jungle from our huts. It was a prefect end to the evening.



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