Cambodia Day 7

Today was the day that we were all waiting for, but dreading at the same time. It’s was our final day working in the village of Kro Bei Reil. Today our goals were to complete the walls for the renovation house and to get the floorboards up and onto the foundation. The work was strenuous but, with our final goal within our grasp, everyone pulled together and we were successful! At the end of the day when we ‘downed tools’, we were fortunate enough to be honored with a thank you from both of the families that we helped. It was overwhelming and emotional for everyone.

At the local school, the community came together for a celebration, in honour of our week of hard work. There was traditional and modern dancing, food and everyone in the group addressed the community to explain their favourite part of the whole experience.The evening concluded with a joining of hands and a sing along to ‘imagine’ by John Lennon. Everyone headed home feeling humbled and uplifted by the experience.

Tomorrow is a rest day and many of us are planning a trip to the sacred Phnom Kulen National Park. Everyone is looking forward to bathing in the holy waters of the waterfall.


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