Cambodia Day 5

Today saw us treated to a buffet breakfast and no one was complaining! After a hearty meal we headed off by tuk tuk to the village of Kri Bei Reil. Our goal today, amongst making bamboo walls and working with timber, was to prepare the ground for the concrete foundation; this was a big task! First we had to dig and prepare, according to Tara, our team Leader, “rock and sand lasagne.” The concoction was to be the concrete, upon which to lay the foundation for the home. All morning groups rotated between the various jobs, digging sand, moving rocks etc. and finally after two hours of working, we had a well deserved lunch break. Today’s game of choice was ‘spoons’ but since we didn’t have any spoons to play the card game, we used twigs instead!

After lunch we had the arduous but rewarding task of moving the large concrete foundation pillars into place. The pillars were very large and heavy, it took roughly 12 people to move each block! It was sweaty and back breaking work but the feeling of success, after each pillar was erected, was overwhelming. Once all twelve foundation pillars were in place, the locals invited us to join them for a blessing of the site. Offerings had been prepared and we all placed incense around the pillars, to promote a safe and happy home.  Although we were tired after moving the pillars, we still had time for the children at the local school. Once again we participated in sport, dance and art activities.

Everyone was happy to go back to the Guesthouse for a shower and some well deserved down time before heading out to dinner and being treated to a ‘Ladyboy’ show, which was very entertaining and fun. At the conclusion of the show, every one was given the opportunity to go shopping at the local markets or some went to get a massage, after a hard day of manual labour.

Tomorrow we are excited because we have a rest day, where we will be going to visit the famous architectural masterpiece, Angkor Wat.

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