The Bullet Train

This Morning (Friday) most of us slept in a little later after the past few busy days in Changshu with our sister school. We left the hotel at 10am and boarded the bus for the train station in Suzhou. Here we caught the bullet train to Beijing. This is a journey of around 5 hours, with the train reaching speeds of up to 304 km per hour. With the help of some of the older boys Mr Dows and Mr Woods took charge of getting all of our suitcases onto the train. This is a huge task for aa group our size as the train only stops very briefly at each station and there is not much room on board for luggage. Once on the train we were all seated in one carriage but our bags were spread over 3 carriages!

We were treated to some amazing views of farmland, rural villages and some smaller cities as we sped through the countryside. The train is very smooth and it does not feel like it is travelling very fast at all. The only indication is the speed at which the scene outside the train moves past you, and the digital display at the end of each carriage.

In Beijing we were met by our new guide. His name is Jerry and he is very friendly. He took us to our hotel with is situated in a Hutong (small street) just of a very busy road full of shops and restaurants. Living this area over the next four days will give us a close up look at the life of the local people. After checking into our rooms we all headed out to find ourselves some dinner and then returned by 9pm for an early night. The next four days will be extremely busy and we are looking forward to seeing the sights of Beijing.

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