Broadening Horizons

On Tuesday March 3rd, Chloe Finn, Kali Irvine-Nagle and Logan Wilson participated in a professional learning workshop with Mr. Mowbray and Mr.Praetz that was held at the DET regional office in Moe. This workshop was for Department of Education and Training representatives and Gippsland Regional Manager’s Forum members as part of their participation in the Broadening Horizon’s program.

These professional learning sessions are usually attended by senior staff of government organisations and participating schools, this is the first time that students have been invited to participate. The student involvement was an initiative of Russel Praetz our junior Sub School Leader and was not possible without the endorsement and support of Karen Cain, Deputy Regional Director SEVR, DET.

Enabling students to engage in the initial stage of a project and become involved in the learning and problem solving will assist with the development of skills in collaboration that they can model and share with their peers. Developing student leaders is a strong priority within the college, and engaging in a 5 hour professional learning and conference setting provided valuable insight into the world of lifelong learning and the role that organisation leaders play in improving outcomes for their organisation and the wider community.

We look forward to the students’ own projects evolving over the coming months now they have new skills and tools for working collectively and collaborative problem solving.

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