Broadening Horizons Presentation Night.


It was great to see a full house for the broadening horizons presentation night. The work of the year 8 students over the last ten weeks has been superb, they have responded to challenge and developed effective growth mindsets to assist them in their journey. On display was some very high quality and informed research around the agri-business sector, bushfire planning, volunteering and sustainability. The cohesive quality of the teams that developed these projects was very impressive and highly functional. The outcomes and capacity to develop social capital and networks is a true indication of growth in the students’ ability to work collaboratively to a very high level. The students responded really well to honest feedback and were eager to create new goals to drive further improvement in their learning outcomes based on the assessment process that took place in the afternoon and evening prior to the presentation. The parental response and turnout was remarkable and demonstrates the strong commitment these parents have to their children’s growth and development. Well done everybody you should all be very proud. Special thanks go to Cheryl Cook and all at the Beacon foundation, Karen Cain for her drive and vision, Ash Hall from DELWP for his ongoing support and never ending stream of ideas and resources, our partners at resourcesmart, our community volunteers and mentors and of course the our wonderful parent helpers and superb staff at YSC.

Russel Praetz       Junior School Leader

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