Broadening Our Horizons and lifting our aspirations

On the 13th of September the year eight students of Yarram Secondary College went on a trip to Federation University. This trip consisted of four activities, these activities were hosted by students at Fed Uni. Yarram students ate lunch in the cafeteria and explored the campus during free time at the end of lunch.
One student said “It was very interesting and made me think about my future”
Another said “It made me want to go there for my tertiary education”

It was great to do some activity based work at the university to give us a sense of the style of learning that takes place and to open our eyes to some new career options.

Activity One (Journalism Strategies) – In this activity the year 8 students had to make a catching headline for a newspaper, they had to follow a structure to make it something people would find interesting.

Activity Two (Science Talk) – In this activity the host student talked to the year eight students about their options and how one subject, like science splits off into several other sub-categories.

Activity Three (Marketing Strategies) – In this activity the year eight students worked on making a better product out of something that is already manufactured. They had to completely reconstruct the image of the product, the packaging, the size and the price.

Activity Four (Scavenger Hunt) – In this activity the year eight students familiarized themselves with the campus while having fun at the same time.

When can we go back to Federation University?

Eli Kerrison-Male


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