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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to pitch the concept or product that you have developed to the head of a major corporation?                                                                                                      Four Year 8 students have just experienced exactly what it feels like. When a class project to develop, market, promote and sell a healthy juice based drink turned into a highly profitable sellout, Madison Roberts, Evelyn Lazare, Tanner Chisholm and Ben Mattern were prompted to share their success with Boost Juice. In their email to Boost they included the all important bottom line figures that showed they had made a huge mark up on their COGS (cost of goods sold) and the fact that the first production run of “Fruity Blitz” a whole fruit sorbet sold out to their peers in less than five minutes prompted Boost to invite the students to Head office to present their product to the Chief Executive Officer Scott Meneilly.                                                                                                  On Thursday the 21st of May these four students made the most of a fantastic opportunity and not only produced the sorbet recipe in Boost’s product development facility but served it to the executive team of Scott, Adam Neill –General Manager of Boost Juice and Debbie Thomson – General Manager of product and supply.  Along with the tasty sorbet the students presented their recipe and the process they went through in developing and taking a different approach to the rest of their classmates as well as the essential costing and sales figures. The students delivered with confidence and made a lasting impression in the board room, so impressed were the executive team with the taste of “Fruity Blitz” they were looking to run the costings on the recipe that day and ensure that all the ingredients match their philosophy of a truly healthy product. The students left with a gift bag each including a signed copy of Boost founder Janine Allis’ book “The secrets of my success”  ,  the promise to maintain contact with Boost and the offer from Boost CEO Scott Meneilly to” call me  anytime if you ever need anything”, what a fantastic opportunity for lifelong mentoring. On the way home from Melbourne the group dropped into Win studios in Traralgon to film a short news item about the opportunity that they have created for themselves and at the point of writing this article there has been more than 20,000 views of this interview on facebook alone and lots of interest from other media agencies about the story.                                                Well done Madison, Ben, Evelyn and Tanner from all of us in the Yarram Secondary College community, we are very proud of you.

Check out the Win news story on Tanner, Evelyn, Ben and Madison at :

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