On Friday 8th August Year 12 VCAL organised a ‘Cow Pat Bingo’ day. The idea was simple, draw up some squares, sell the squares (200 in total), get a cow and wait for the cow to poo on your square!

Yet the reality was proven more difficult with the end result not producing a poo. It was eventually decided that a pee was just as effective in determining a winner, which resulted in Wyatt Kilgower taking home the $100 movie voucher. Mind you the cow did poo prior to being put in the pen and pooed as soon as it was put back in the truck!

A total of $200 was raised for the Year 12 VCAL Camp to Melbourne and many thanks must go out to Mr Jay Taylor for providing ‘Boo’ the cow for the day and all staff and students who brought a ticket in the day (only 40 squares remained).

Mr Clarke and the Year 12 VCAL crew


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